A discussion on geography according to different points of view

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A discussion on geography according to different points of view


Introduction One of the major claims made regarding qualitative methods is that they diverge from scientific explanation models in terms of the need for hypothesis testing.

A scientific hypothesis is based on a background theory, typically assuming the form of a proposition whose validity depends on empirical confirmation. Otherwise, a hypothesis is nothing but an imaginative conjecture.

Moreover, when researchers do not obtain empirical confirmation for their hypothesis, the theory in question or part of it may not be able to predict relevant aspects of the phenomenon under investigation.

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Their primary interest is to achieve understanding Verstehen of a particular situation, or individuals, or groups of individual, or sub cultures, etc. In summary, qualitative methods are primarily inductive, in contrast to the deductive methods of experimental science. The debate centers around how we justify that what we know is valid.

More specifically, induction is the form of reasoning based on empirical observation in the process of developing scientific laws and theories.

Thus, induction negotiates the relationship between empirical reality and its theorization, in addition to the production and validation of knowledge. For example, qualitative methods have been accused of reflecting the problems pointed out by philosophers of science e.

In other words, qualitative researchers tend to prioritize logic emerging from experience, preferring to expand their knowledge from it as opposed to using a priori, deductive, concepts.

Qualitative researchers have for decades reacted to this distorted view of the field e. Of the many examples that could be cited, I highlight grounded theory methodology GTM. There are differences among researchers using this approach e. GTM rests in a state of permanent tension between 1.

What is the role of theory in qualitative research?

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Alternatively, what function do empirical data play in the theorizing process? Answering these questions is important for the continuing advancement of qualitative methods as well as the inclusion of this field in the discussions of similar issues that have been witnessed in the philosophy of science.

As a starting point, I recapitulate the main characteristics of the so-called problem of induction, arguing that it raises important questions regarding the value of theory in science. Next, I review ways of describing the theory-empirical data relationship that have been proposed in order to address the problem of induction in the realm of the philosophy of science.

Against this backdrop, I discuss how qualitative researchers have dealt with the question of induction, using a "generic analytic cycle" common to qualitative methods as an illustration. In the last sections, I propose reconsidering the role of theory in qualitative research.

A discussion on geography according to different points of view

I argue for the need to recover a substantial definition of theory in these studies.Physical geography investigates and seeks to explain the spatial aspects, functions, and characteristics of Earth’s to appreciate “the big picture,” a global view of our planet’s physical geography through its display of environmental diversity.

Characteristics of the oceans, the atmosphere, the point . sights arise from a view that different notions of space form an ordered se- quence, as outlined in this chapter. ciously from one point to other distant points.

The same is true of the spread of an epidemic, of a rumor or a fad, of an urban neighborhood that starts (see Couclelis for a discussion of cellular automata in geography. On the other hand, it tries to make different means available to reinforce the creativity of these practices of different performative methods (THRIFT, a).

It is, thereby, a theory of practice(s). Scholars, on the other hand, are apt to find points of irritation. The end-notes, for example, consist merely of citations, whereas the author easily could have (and to my mind should have) used this venue to provide a finer grain of detail about the studies to which he plombier-nemours.coms: 2 points Discussion of one factor that is incomplete in some way • Language — different languages may provide barriers to information flow and full participation in economic processes AP Human Geography Scoring Guidelines Educational Testing Service.

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