Axa business plan plus policy summary includes

He was in his 80s and in good health. He wanted his beneficiaries to receive the face amount after his death, but feared he would incur a large income tax obligation if he survived to the policies' terminal age of and received the face amount himself. He wrote the companies asking how to avoid the potential income tax problem. He did not receive straight answers.

Axa business plan plus policy summary includes

axa business plan plus policy summary includes

Our disability lawyers are contacted on a weekly basis with this exact question. The short answer is that most disability insurance policies contain language that allows a disability company to setoff your monthly disability insurance check by the amount both you and your children receive from Social Security as a result of your disability.

Most disability insurance companies have drafted policy language in a manner that makes it very difficult to exclude child disability benefits from your monthly disability benefit check.

There have been a few cases around the country in which courts have found that a disability carrier could not seek an overpayment for child social security disability benefits. In these rare cases, the policy language giving the disability company the right to seek an overpayment was not drafted clearly.

For example, you may want to review a Court Order in the case of Carstens v.

While this case did not allow the disability company to offset child benefits, the policy language was different than the majority of group disability insurance policies. The Cartsens case also discusses many of the other disability cases around the country that dealt with the same issue.

In addition to Carstens, a similar ruling was issued by the Illinois Appellate Court. Mutual of Omaha Insurance Co. There are unfortunately numerous cases which establish that a disability carrier can seek overpayment for all social security disability benefits payable.

Aetna and Godwin v.

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Neither of these cases specifically discussed child disability benefits. In any disability claim, a disability claimant should retain a disability insurance lawyer to specifically review the applicable policy language regarding an offset for child social security dependent benefits.3 Hours Ago.

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Led by Ian Silk, the Executive team ensures that our business strategy is implemented effectively so we can achieve our goal of providing the best possible outcome for members.

Michael Woods joined Pensionmark Financial Group, LLC in bringing with him experience on both the plan provider side, as one of the top wholesalers for ING Retirement Solutions, and as a plan advisor. Commercial Lines Products. At AXA we’ve listened to our brokers and changed the way we work to fit around you.

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