Biopolymers in medical field

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Biopolymers in medical field

Senthil Kumar 1 www. The use of new polymers for medical textile application has increased rapidly over the past quarter of century. The polymers are excellent candidates for applications in the medical field because of their versatility, biocompatibility, bio absorbability and absence of cytotoxicity.

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New polymer encompasses practically every facet of modern civilization. In fact along with other medical hi-technology streams like bio-technology, this technology will also be one of the major propellants for developments.

These polymers offered a bioactive matrix for design of more biocompatible and intelligent materials. Oligosaccharides and polysaccharides are biopolymers commonly found in living organisms, and are known to reveal the physiological functions by forming a specific conformation.

In recent years in identifying the biological functions of polysaccharides as related to potential biomedical applications natural polymers or they might be poly anionic consisting of only one type of monosaccharide types.

They can be linear or branched and they might be substituted with different types of organic groups, such as methyl and acetyl groups. Other types of polysaccharides isolated from plants used in the traditional medicine were identified as having their biological active sites in the complementary systems.

Virtually new polymers coming but also well known materials with significantly improved properties using advanced technologies and new methods are in the centre of research which is high technical, technological, functional and effective oriented.

The key qualities of polymers and dressings as health care products include that they are bacteriostic, ant-viral, fungistatic, non-toxic, high absorbent, non-allergic, breathable, hemostatic, biocompatible and manepulatable to incorporate medications, also provide reasonable mechanical properties.

Wound care also applied to materials like hydro gels, matrix, films, hydrocollids, foams, specialized additives with special functions can be introduced in advanced health care with aim to absorb odors, provide strong antibacterial properties, smooth pain and relive irritation.

Because of unique properties as high surface area to volume ratio, film thickness, nano scale fiber diameter, porosity, light weight, nanofibers are used in health care. Polysaccharides Bacterial and Structural Storage Marine synthetic polysaccharides polysaccharides polysaccharides polysaccharides Pectin Alginates Bacterial alginate Starch Cellulose and hemi Brawn seaweed Dextrans cellulose Carrageenans Cyclodextrins Xylans Glycogen Red seaweed gellan Agar and agarose xylanases Fructans Chitosan Scleroglucan Glycosaminoglycans Chitin schizophyllan Polysaccharides can also be classified based on their molecular structure, like polysaccharides with: They can be produced by biological systems i.

Biopolymers are an alternative to petroleum-based polymers traditional plastics.

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Some polymers degrade in only a few weeks, while others take several months. Biodegradability and other plastic properties strongly depend on the polymer structure. By changing the structure, these properties can be altered. There are four main types of biopolymer based respectively on: Synthetic materials 4 www.

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Some biopolymers are biodegradable. That is, they are broken down into CO2 and water by microorganisms. In addition, some of these biodegradable biopolymers are compostable. A major but defining difference between polymers and biopolymers can be found in their structures.

Polymers, including biopolymers, are made of repetitive units called monomers. Biopolymers often have a well defined structure, though this is not a defining characteristic example: The exact chemical composition and the sequence in which these units are arranged is called the primary structure, in the case of proteins.

Many of these applications can be found in the medical field and can be roughly divided into three categories: In Wound healing, resorbable non-wovens for the replacement of human tissue, as well as simple sutures, staples, clips or meshes are available.

Related to these applications, also the use as bioresorbable scaffolds for tissue engineering is worth mentioning. It is a product of a neutralizing reaction between Alginic acid and caustic soda.

When combined with other fibres, it takes on a sheer appearance.Biopolymer Field 2 copolymers can be produced through a variety of mechanisms.

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They can be derived from microbial oped for use as medical materials, packaging, cosmetics, food additives, clothing fabrics, water treatment chemicals, industrial plastics, absorbents, biosensors, and even data storage elements. PHBV and other biopolymers. There is a wide range of application of biopolymers in medicine which include tissue engineering, wound healing, controlled release of drugs, post surgical treatments, etc.

Their application in tissue engineering is mainly due to certain desirable qualities such as suitable surface morphology. 1 2 Biopolymers in Medical Applications By: Senthil S. Kumar* *Department of Textile Technology, Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore ABSTRACT The future of fiber technology for medical application depends largely on the future needs of .

Full-Text Paper (PDF): Microbial Biopolymers in Biomedical Field These properties make PHB as an ideal candidate for various applications in medical field.

Biopolymers in medical field

The present article focuses on new. biopolymers in medical field The field of textiles is a huge one whose innumerable branches have reached into and are still reaching into various other fields thus resulting in highly innovative, extremely useful state-of-the-art products.

Biopolymers in Medical Field There is a wide range of application of biopolymers in medicine which include tissue engineering, wound healing, controlled release of drugs, post surgical treatments, etc.

Biopolymers in Medical Field Essay