Breaugh starke 2000

Natasha, with whom he had shared a cubicle for longer than they cared to remember, turned around. Carl was obviously still upset as he threw his hands in the air.

Breaugh starke 2000

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Abstract Human resource management scholars and practitioners have recognized the importance of understanding the complexities of staffing personnel. This study focused on the perceived importance of attributes for entry-level applicants to collegiate athletic departments.

A total of NCAA athletic administrators who were randomly selected responded to a web-based survey. Respondents were asked to rate the importance of 10 easily observable attributes during the screening process, and 10 non-readily observable skills during the hiring process.

While in the hiring stage, work ethic, communications skills and motivation were considered the most important attributes.

This study adds to the literature in human resource management and athletic administration and has practical implications for prospective employees, athletic administrators and sport management faculty members.

Non-readily observables and readily observable attributes of job candidates. Published online May, The increasing demand for entry-level jobs within the sport industry has created a heightened need for a more formalized hiring process for sport organizations.

Each year, approximately 8, undergraduate and graduate students in the United States are ready to enter the job market with a sport-related degree that potentially qualifies them to begin a career in sport management King, As more people become trained to work in the sport industry there is a continuous need for screening and hiring these potential employees.

Breaugh starke 2000

Human resource management scholars and practitioners have both recognized the importance of understanding the processes, limitations and complexities of staffing personnel Saks, Moreover, the inherent complexity of these tasks becomes even more evident in times of economic adversity as the supply of qualified talent typically exceeds the number of jobs available.

As a result, it is not uncommon to find hundreds of applicants competing for the same position, a situation that is more pronounced when applicants compete for entry-level positions. The hiring process is vital to the success of every NCAA institution and most are seeking candidates with character and integrity, strong leadership and organizational skills, competitive instincts, communication skills, education and relevant experience and a commitment to their organizational mission and values Tuite, DeCenzo and Robbins identified the following steps as important when selecting a job candidate: At some colleges and universities, candidates for high-profile athletic department jobs are quizzed by fans in public forums Carey, The average tenure for major college athletic directors is only three and one half years Carter, and the hiring practices of NCAA institutions are constantly under scrutiny, especially in terms of racial and gender equity Wieberg, The responsibilities of athletics directors along with the profile of individuals who are now being hired have changed from previous years.

While coaches have traditionally been hired as athletic directors, Snider reports the financial impact of athletics at most institutions has been evident since the s when lawyers, accountants and business executives started to take over athletic departments.guidance to this process (Aiman-Smith, Bauer, & Cable, ; Breaugh & Starke, ; Thomas & Wise, ).

In the international domain, teacher recruitment is an even higher stakes process involving significantly more expense and greater complexity due to the scattered locations and varied circumstances of the schools.

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Journal of Management, 26, – culture (Breaugh & Starke, ; Rynes, ). Latham and Leddy () found that employees who were referred had higher levels of job involvement, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment than employees who were unsolicited or responded to newspaper advertising.

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According to Breaugh & Starke (, ), once the recruitment strategy is developed, a company can launch specific recruitment activities. They may includeTitle: looking Opening for HR Executive . Breaugh & Starke, ). We extend those theoretical prescriptions to a new venture context. Specifically, we propose that an important antecedent to successful recruitment of key personnel.

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