Consumer spending

Consumer spending trends in 24 January - Protecting their families is therefore paramount for these respondents. This has a major effect on consumer behaviour when it comes to in-store and digital shopping. To survive and thrive in the future, brands need to take changing consumer shopping and spending trends into consideration.

Consumer spending

See the full forecast here. Current State of the Chinese Economy For the past 30 years, China has been on an unprecedented streak of economic growth as the country has become the manufacturing hub of the world. However, the past five years have seen a slow down in growth rates. What does this dip in growth rate mean?

Consumer spending

Strong government involvement will be crucial to continued success as the country is moving from manufacturing-driven growth to an influx of consumer spending. The country is losing its competitive advantage of cheap labor as costs are quickly rising.

Other countries like Malaysia, Bangladesh, the Philippines and Vietnam are becoming more appealing as lower wages provide an advantage. Additionally, Duguay predicts the Chinese government will promote policies allowing manufacturers to grow while being protected from international competition.

As these policies begin to take shape, there will be a shift from an emphasis on growth to one of manufacturing profitability. Chinese consumers have historically been conservative and saved more than their American counterparts. Over time, spending and debt will increase, but at a moderate pace as consumers adjust to their new spending power.

However, the auto industry is an exception.

Consumer spending

As Chinese consumers take advantage of increased spending power, there has been a corresponding increase in auto sales. Still a growing economy for auto, many Chinese citizens are buying cars for the first time. In addition, investment from the Chinese government to evolve manufacturing will increase, especially in auto as the country aims to become a world leader in the sector.

There is also a strong outlook for retail and CPG exports to China, as a weakening dollar helps Chinese consumers to buy U. Keating, many enterprise companies are using outdated data science for forecasting methods.

Keating, as a veteran in the space long before Big Data, was a common phrase, he can see why large companies with an abundance of accessible information are still missing the mark.A whole new way to manage your money.

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Business / Economy Oct 5, Households boosted spending at fastest pace in three years in August on back of summer bonuses. Japanese households increased their spending at the fastest rate in.

View data of PCE, an index that measures monthly changes in the price of consumer goods and services as a means of analyzing inflation.


U.S. consumers only modestly boosted their spending in May despite improved incomes, as year-over-year inflation posted its largest increase in over six years. All the latest breaking news on Consumer spending.

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Browse The Independent’s complete collection of articles and commentary on Consumer spending. 6 days ago · Retail sales rose by more than expected last month, but economists are still betting on a slowdown in consumer spending — the very thing that has been powering the U.S.


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