Death and the kings horseman

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Death and the kings horseman

And that means, inevitably, telling a story. Every day, as he came down the college staircase, he would pass a bust of Winston Churchill, that old bulldog of British colonialism. And, every day, he caught himself thinking the same thing.

It is not, by any standards, an easy play, and in the west, it has been much more widely admired than performed.

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There are enormous challenges involved in staging it - the opening act plunges the audience into a world of Yoruba colour, movement and poetry - and so Norris and De Frutos travelled to Nigeria to discuss ideas with Soyinka before beginning rehearsals.

Soyinka has directed two productions of Horseman himself: He recalls how one actor backed out of the Chicago production after two weeks, saying she could not master the text. Soyinka responded by telling his remaining cast of African-American actors that they knew nothing about their ancestral continent.

They took it as the greatest insult. Soyinka continues to spend a lot of time away from Nigeria. We meet in an anonymous, outlying suburb of Los Angeles, where for the past few years he has kept a temporary home.

The windows in the living room remain shuttered.

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He remains a powerful political figure in Nigeria, albeit one who has endured imprisonment and exclusion down the decades. In the late s, during the civil war with Biafra, Soyinka spent 28 months behind bars an experience he recorded on toilet paper in his memoir, The Man Died. He had to leave again in a hurry innot long after Nigeria came under the brutal regime of General Sani Abacha.

Unlike many of his contemporaries, Soyinka says he has no romantic notions about the innate value of Africa. In his poetry and through his political activism, he has condemned a series of venal dictators.

There are those who think poets and playwrights should steer clear of politics, and Soyinka says he has some sympathy with this view. He admires those writers who manage to find a quiet corner in which to practise their craft. In an introduction he wrote when it was first published, Soyinka issued a stern warning not to interpret it as a "clash of cultures" piece: This covered everything, and it encouraged analytical laziness.

What he hoped to do was find an objective authorial stance and get inside the mind of his characters. More important than depicting cultural oppositions was his desire to create a space where cultures could come to a greater mutual understanding.

It would be hard to argue that the western world in has shaken off the us-versus-them mentality which Soyinka objected to more than 30 years ago. At best, he says, it has evolved: There appears to be new interest in his work: The other, staged by the Oregon Shakespeare festival, has been playing since February to glowing reviews.

Intriguingly, Soyinka sees another possible reason for this renewed interest: Like the ritual suicide of the horseman, he thinks suicide bombers confront western minds with something that is both terrifying and baffling.

In recent years, he has maintained a steady output of poems and plays, as well as a second volume of memoirs, You Must Set Forth At Dawn. The Yoruba deity with whom he most identifies, he says, is Ogun, the god of metals and poetry; like him, Soyinka straddles private and public spheres.a critical study of wole soyinka's plays: with reference: a dance of forest, the road, death and the king's horseman, the lion and the jewel, kongi’s harvest.

Jun 30, by Rajendrapal Anil Vaidya.

?Death and the King's Horseman blends European literary theater with total-theater traditions from the Yoruba tribe in Southwest Nigeria. Through poetry, chorus, politics, and storytelling, Soyinka both entertains and asks subtle questions about mass psychology, individual psychology, and universal human struggles of the will. His starting point for Death and the King's Horseman was a vivid episode from western Nigeria's colonial period, in which a British district officer intervened to stop the horseman . a critical study of wole soyinka's plays: with reference: a dance of forest, the road, death and the king's horseman, the lion and the jewel, kongi’s harvest. Jun 30, by Rajendrapal Anil Vaidya.

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Death and the kings horseman

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Show Selector Share via Email Wole Soyinka is adamant that his great, neglected play cannot be reduced to a study of "the clash of cultures". I see what he means.
Death and the King's Horseman: A Play by Wole Soyinka It is not about a clash of cultures in which the victor is the West. He has certainly made a conscious effort not to place on equal terms the British culture, which condemns Elesin and the Horseman ritual, and the Yoruba, which considers the ritual crucial to its survival.
Trending Today! It is time for his chief lieutenant, Elesin Oba, to will his own death, so that he might accompany the alafin on his passage to the next life.
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Like her, he is seldom portrayed directly. He sometimes appears in art as a bearded and winged man, less often as a winged and beardless youth.

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