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Whichever title chosen, their arrival Sunday at the Fort A. As the Soldiers stepped off the bus at the Asymmetrical Warfare Training Center with mixed looks of excitement, nervousness and curiosity, Payton asked them all a question. The group remained silent, with only the wind blowing outside creating a sound. The winners of the competition will become ambassadors of the Army according to Payton, with the distinguished title of the best noncommissioned officer and the best Soldier across the Army.

Essay about warrior

This has formed a very particular image of the American literature.

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Only in the second part of the twentieth century the works of writers from different cultures got recognition and popular support.

Therefore, this literary work is among the first ones defining the new paradigm of American modern literature. This book presented a new form of autobiographical literature — fantasy. It is very hard to define the style of this book.

The author constantly moves from fiction to reality giving neither the leading place. On one hand, Maxine Hong Kingston is very realistic in her ideas and perceptions, but on the other these notions are wrapped in fantasy and strong fictional imagery.

Besides the description of the life of the main character and other people around, Maxine Hong Kingston also focuses on the phenomenon of being Asian American as a whole, as well as on the concept of being a Chinese female.

Therefore, this book covers many more important topics than just autobiographical reflections. Although Maxine Essay about warrior Kingston is a narrator of this autobiographic book, it is sometimes complicated to define the author as a solid constant character.

Sometimes it even seems that the narrator disappears in the plot and chaacters. The elusiveness of the narrator creates a feeling of fiction and improbability of the events told by someone. Throughout the book Maxine Hong Kingston adopts a number of different personalities, which make defining the character of narrator extremely complicated.

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At the same time, throughout the book Maxine Hong Kingston grows from as little scared silent girl to an independent woman who can freely speak her mind. The same as the author, this character is a very complex one and incorporates a number of contradictions.

Essay about warrior

This is an obviously unusual woman — intelligent and brave but, at the same time, she feels uncomfortable about moving to America and perceives the country as an alien territory.

This character has obviously suffered from a cultural shock upon arriving in the United States. It was caused not only by the new surrounding, but also by the dramatic change that has happened in the social status of the woman, who was a respected doctor in the homeland.

The inability of Moon Orchid to adjust to the American lifestyle is seen from the beginning, when her character is presented as a contrast to the Chinese-American children, who differ from the woman dramatically.

On one hand, the author is clearly perceived as a representative of an oriental culture by the mass media and an average reader. On the other hand, the reepresentatives of traditional Chinese communities and those people back in China see this piece of literary work as anti-Chinese, as something that is far from the actual values and ideas of the Chinese people.

The whole concept of defining oneself as Asian-American and identifying all the differences that the new form of personal belonging brings plays a notable role in the book.

Instead of preserving the Chinese identity and following traditions the character of Maxine Hong Kingston expresses protests against the rules of her family. In fact, the book is full of misogynistic expressions common in the Chinese society, such as: Better to raise geese than girls.

Only the story of Fa Mu Lan helps the narrator to cope with the complicated Chinese-American environment. Despite the first dislike of the female character in the Chinese community, the narrator at some point faces the need to define her female identity Frye. This is done not only through the Character of Fa Mu Lan, but also through the personalities of various females, both fictional and real.

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Therefore, despite all the complications, the author feels the urge to re-define the personality of Chinese-American woman. By studying all the women around and defining the strong character of the female warrior Fa Mu Lan the narrator re-imagines it in the modern American society Geok-lin Lim 4.The 13th Warrior.

But damned if The 13th Warrior isn't the best, most enthralling adventure movie I've seen in a good while. This one is sure to acquire a cult following on video, and that's why I'm here now: to tell you that if you like this kind of film, go see it now while it's still on the big screen.

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The Woman Warrior is a tale of a Chinese American girl-child, called Maxine, born in the United States. Transplanted from their roots in China, her parents naturally drew from their Chinese culture and traditions in raising Maxine. Warrior cultures throughout history essay 24 novembre By Warrior cultures throughout history essay.

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