Golf tourism

Hua Hin golf For many years, Hua Hin has been regarded as one of the best golfing locations in Thailand.

Golf tourism

History in Tunisia Then, there is the history. This is arguably an even bigger pull for visitors; Tunisia has some of the most intriguing historical sites in the world and on the whole, these have been preserved fantastically well. The following attractions are seen as the most impressive in the country: El Jem Amphitheatre — Arguably the most famous attraction in Tunisia, this is something that we will speak more about further on in the guide.

In short, much of this amphitheatre is still preserved — allowing guests to get a feel for what life used to be like for Roman gladiators. Matmata is a small village in South Tunisia, focussing on caves which are used as homes.

Dougga — If you want a bit of everything, this is where Dougga comes into play. The area has everything from a forum, amphitheatre to public baths — with some of the sites dating back to the second or third century BC.

Shopping in Tunisia Some people will also be attracted by the shopping. What are the major cities which cater for tourism? Understandably, not every city in Tunisia is going to cater for tourism. Instead, despite being the capital of the country, Tunis is one of the smaller cities on our list and is going to appeal to those of you who appreciate culture.

Some people will stay in Tunis to take advantage of all of its amenities, whilst traveling to the nearby Carthage to see the famous Roman ruins. The fact that this is the largest mosque in the country speaks volumes about its status, while it also dates all the way back to the 8th century and this means that it boasts some interesting architecture as well.

There are several souks based around the mosque, meaning that visitors really can make a day of this attraction. However, it could be said that the excellent transport links perhaps distort this city in the wrong light.

This is one of the most ancient in Tunisia and anyone who wants to tick off as much history and culture as possible should most definitely arrange a trip to this area. The pick of the bunch comes in the form of Forte El Ribat, which as the name may probably suggest, is a fortress.

There are various activities that you can engage in here, such as taking a ride on a horse-drawn cart, meaning that you really can spend a good few hours in the fortress. Unlike some destinations which rely on their sands, Djerba hardly boasts a bustling and vibrant scene.

Instead, it still retains a lot of its history and is a quaint destination that is ideal for anyone who is looking to relax. Beaches are the primary reason anyone would visit this island, but there are still several attractions which can prove interesting.

On first look, Djerbahood is situated in something of a downtown district — a town called Hara Sghira Er Riadh.

Hammamet Another area that is renowned for the beach is Hammamet. The fact that this is the oldest tourist area in Tunisia immediately makes many people think that it will be overflowing with attractions. Just like any beach-destination which targets tourism, there are all sorts of small attractions that you and the family can take advantage of.

The age of the town means that there are still some historic sites to take in.

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Many visitors are intrigued by the fortress walls and the mosque which are both very well preserved. However, it would be fair to say that Hammamet is another Tunisian region which caters for the beach enthusiast — particularly if you like to be surrounded by plenty of bars and restaurants.

One could pen a whole dissertation on the magnitude of attractions within Sousse — there really is that much to see and do. However, most visitors will be quick to recommend the Medina before anything else. While other regions of the country also have a medina, the one in Sousse happens to be completely authentic and has therefore been classed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Considering Sousse also has the Great Mosque, Mosaic Museum and even a Camel market — this is certainly a city which caters for anyone who wants the complete Tunisian experience.Victoria's relaxed pace, urban layout and side streets welcome window shopping and marathon sprees.

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Golf tourism

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