Interlock systems

Ignition Interlock System as Punishment Ignition Interlock System as Punishment The main reason to use ignition interlock devices as a punishment is because the device saves lives by keeping drunk drivers off the roads. But these devices also are a good punishment because they fit the crime. Ignition interlock systems do just that.

Interlock systems

FAQs Will the ignition interlock device shut off my vehicle's engine or stop my vehicle at any time? WAC — Ignition interlock devices are designed to prevent the vehicle from being started. I have an ignition interlock device requirement but my interlock equipped vehicle is temporarily disabled.

Additionally, be sure to have the automotive repair Interlock systems service facility complete a Washington State Patrol Vehicle Service Affidavit after the repairs are complete so that any incidents recorded on your device during this period are accounted for. What happens if my ignition interlock equipped vehicle stalls while I am on the Interlock systems temporarily parked on railroad tracks or in some other dangerous area?

In extreme weather can I start my vehicle and let it run unattended until it warms up or cools down? WAC — After the initial breath test is requested to start the vehicle, random retests are requested at various times while the vehicle is running.

Who do I contact about this? Please contact our office at and we will notify the trooper responsible for that region. What government mandated fees are included in my ignition interlock lease and what do they pay for? For those approved under the indigent program this fee is waived.

All other fees associated with the lease of an interlock device are at the discretion of the interlock manufacturer. What does it mean that my interlock restriction is tolled day-for-day? This means that when a driver has an interlock restriction for one year they must have an interlock installed for at least days.

Any removal of a interlock device during the period of restriction will extend the restriction for each day without an interlock. Prior to having your interlock restriction lifted your interlock manufacturer will review of your interlock device history for any qualifying violations which may extend your restriction period.

Your interlock manufacturer must certify to the satisfaction of DOL that none of the following incidents occurred prior to your scheduled restriction end date: Any attempt to start the vehicle with a breath alcohol concentration of 0. Failure to take any random test unless a review of the digital image confirms that the vehicle was not occupied by the driver at the time of the missed test; 3.

Failure to pass any random retest with a breath alcohol concentration of 0. Failure of the person to appear at the ignition interlock device vendor when required for maintenance, repair, calibration, monitoring, inspection, or replacement of the device.

If any of these incidents appear in your device history during your CBR period your interlock restriction will be extended. This may continue indefinitely until you have completed your CBR period without any violations. What happens if I live or move out of Washington State but the Washington State Department of Licensing requires me to have an ignition interlock device?

This also applies to ignition interlocks.Like a breathalyzer, an ignition interlock measures the alcohol in a person’s system.

Interlock systems

If that amount exceeds a pre-programmed level, then the interlock temporarily locks the vehicle’s ignition. What is a Panel Interlock Kit?

Safety is an important part of our lives. Safety for your person and safety for your investments and there isn’t a . User Name: * Password: * © Team Office All Rights Reserved. LifeSafer helped launch the ignition interlock industry back in Since then we’ve stayed at the forefront of the field, providing an ever-growing number of clients across North America with advanced, reliable technology and attentive customer care.

Approved Interlock Vendors | Department of Revenue - Motor Vehicle Almost all states have laws about driving in state of drunkenness that allow or require judges to order the use of ignition interlock devices on vehicles driven by certain individuals convicted of DUI offenses.

An interlock is a feature that makes the state of two mechanisms or functions mutually dependent. It may be used to prevent undesired states in a finite-state machine, and may consist of any electrical, electronic, or mechanical devices or systems. Alcohol Detection Systems (ADS) will get you on the road quickly and affordably.

Our ignition interlock devices are trusted, government-approved, and easy.

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