Issue and nature of terrorism

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Issue and nature of terrorism

Naseer Ahmad Qamar Translated from Urdu Islam today is viewed by many in the West as an aggressive religion that promotes terrorism. Sadly, it is often the case that the killing of innocent people, suicide bombings, and terrorist activities are carried out by people who claim to be Muslims; however, in reality, the responsibility for such malicious acts actually rests with the so-called scholars of Islam, who are gravely mistaken in their understanding of the issue of Jihad.

Rather, the inherent excellences of its teachings, its truth, enlightenment, reasoning, arguments, and the active assistance of God the Exalted, the signs, and His personal attention are such matters that always drive its progress and propagation…The message of Islam does not need any compulsion for its propagation… To consider that the Ghazis Islamic veterans of war of the Frontier Region cause rebellion in the name of Jihad is an absurd thought, and it is nothing but foolishness and ignorance to call these rebellious people by the name of Ghazi.

If an ignorant Muslim harbors even the least amount of sympathy for these people considering them performing Jihad, I say in truth that the one who calls a rebellious person Ghazi, and praises those who bring a bad name to Islam is an enemy of Islam… In England, France and other European countries, Islam is very harshly criticised for having been spread by the use of force… The truth is that this rebellion has been spread by the Maulawis Islamic clericswho are the unwise friends of Islam.

They did not understand the reality of Islam, and provided an opportunity to others to raise objections because of their concocted beliefs. The beliefs concocted by them greatly aided the Christians.

Grave errors have been made both in our age and in the middle ages [of Islam] because people failed to understand this subject.

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He writes that Muslims have been taught to fight against the unbelievers, until they either accept Islam, or are killed. His Holiness is consumed in the real Jihad, which is the propagation of the peaceful message of Islam throughout the entire world, with the help and support of God the Exalted.

He constantly admonishes the members of the community to spread the message of the peaceful teachings of Islam in the world. It has also established its own twenty-four hour international television station that hosts programmes explaining the true nature of Islam.

The community has published thousands of books and other forms of literature, and held countless interfaith events around the world in which leaders and followers of various faiths, as well the general public, are invited to come together and remove the misunderstandings between religions.

This is the true meaning of Jihad. Rebuttal of the Concept of a Barbaric and Bloody Jihad As mentioned, the underlying cause of religious extremism, oppression, violence, and terrorism by some Muslims, is the erroneous interpretation of Jihad preached by some of the so-called Islamic scholars or Maulawis.

While pointing out who the real perpetuators are of the wrongful concept of Jihad, he describes their crime, and the dangers faced by humanity from them. He also provides guidelines for the eradication of religious terrorism and the establishment of general peace, without which, religious fanaticism cannot be eradicated.

The Promised Messiah as writes: Rather, these misguided activities that have spread amongst the Muslims are instigated by the Nafs-e-Ammarah [self that incites to evil] or by a crude desire for Paradise. Rather, it is a grievous sin and a violation of the clear instructions of God and His Prophet saw.

The British Government and Jihad Furthermore, he writes: The British Government and Jihad He says: Is there any Maulawi who can respond?

Foolish people hear the word Jihad, and make it an excuse for the fulfilment of their own selfish desires. Or perhaps it is sheer madness that inclines them towards bloodshed. The British Government and Jihad Today too, terrorists kill innocent people in their places of worship, on public transport and in public gatherings, in the name of Jihad.

The Promised Messiah as laid the responsibility for religious fanaticism, terrorism, and the unjustified carnage on the mullahs: Mentioning the Islamic mullah, he says: This is in fact what has happened. I know for certain that maulawis who persist in propagating these blood-spattered doctrines are in fact responsible for murders committed by ignorant, egotistical people who know nothing of why Islam was forced to fight battles in its early history.

They have misled the populace into believing that the keys to Paradise lie in beliefs that are oppressive, cruel and completely immoral. A fatwa [edict] of this kind was pronounced against me some time ago.

The Holy Prophet saw declared that these unfortunate mullahs will destroy the image of Islam and become the enemies of their own people through their recklessness, ignorance and evil morals.

Source of Rebellion Warning about the rebellious acts of these mullahs one hundred years ago, the Promised Messiah as said: They have power over the common people and create havoc by turning them in whatever direction they please.

The cause of rebellions for all governments today Muslims and non-Muslims are the actions and deeds of these people. Through their fiery speeches they ignite the flames of hatred in moments, thus relegating social peace to ashes.

The Global Terrorist The Promised Messiah as pointed out the dangers of international terrorism when he wrote:This article examines the nature of religious terrorism, principally with reference to al-Qaeda.

It argues that a distinction must be made between the ultimate aims and the immediate objectives of ‘religious’ terrorists, and that while the ultimate aims will be religiously formulated, the.

Phishing (Fishing for some dank seaweed) is the fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by disguising as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.

Issue and nature of terrorism

Typically carried out by email spoofing or instant messaging, it often directs users to enter personal information at a fake website, the look and feel of which are identical. Issue 18 From Old to New Terrorism: The Changing Nature of International Security Mahdi Mohammad Nia We can make three assumptions about the changing nature of international security.

First and foremost is that there is a growing link between transnational terrorism and.


Frequently Asked Questions about NTAS. The following are frequently asked questions regarding the National Terrorism Advisory System. The Nature Terrorism Reports on Social Networks Content Bibliography DOI PDF version Abstract: As new tools of communication, an in-depth study of social networking in the era of global terrorism is attempted in this article.

Issue 18 From Old to New Terrorism: The Changing Nature of International Security terrorism is certainly not a new phenomenon, the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon in September brought it to prominent attention in We can make three assumptions about the changing nature of international security.

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