Legends on the jersey devil essay

During one infamous week in Januarylocal newspapers published hundreds of claimed encounters with the Jersey Devil from all over the state. Among alleged encounters publicized that week were claims the creature "attacked" a trolley car in Haddon Heights and a social club in Camden.

Legends on the jersey devil essay

I know that it will sound shocking to some. I know that many people will disagree with my views. I shall not try to give a full and scholarly analysis of German Protestantism, of Luther and Lutheranism.

I shall merely give my own reading of Luther; I shall show only that side of Luther and his influence which is usually ignored in England and which is entirely the reverse of the traditional view. My remark, the one I have quoted, is really nothing new or revolutionary. There is a multitude of books which express the same thought, but they all do what I have done hitherto, i.

The Nazis themselves claim Luther as their spiritual father. But then, we must be careful in our acceptance of Nazi sayings. However, long before Hitler there were German Protestant scholars of great standing who analysed aright the part Luther played in the history of Germany.

Ernst Troeltsch of Heidelberg, early in the present century. Since Hitler there have been very many authors who have connected Luther and National Socialism. Edgar Mowrer wrote as early as All the pet doctrines of Prussianism are found in the writings of the founder, Martin Luther.

All the same, I shall attempt to show how I came to this monstrous-seeming conclusion. When I was an undergraduate in my first term, my tutor returned an essay of mine on Political Philosophy with the sentence written under it: I did not quite know what he meant.

My tutor was a wise man, a very detached thinker, from whom I learnt few facts but something of the art of clear thinking. His saying has since then become my guiding maxim.

He meant that it is not possible to explain a very complex and intricate political or sociological situation by one cause alone. There are always a great many factors, some of greater, some of smaller, importance, which cause a particular phenomenon to come into being. Only if we study them all can we come to a true and valuable analysis.

For my part, I have slowly and gradually come to the conclusion that spiritual values and conflicts play the most important part in all problems which govern our lives as individuals and as citizens.

Max Weber, a famous German scholar, expresses exactly the same idea when he says: I know that it is debatable. But I have to keep to the main point and do not want to lose myself in side-issues which have no direct bearing on the subject. I fully realise that it is fashionable nowadays to give especially to Economics a place that is higher and superior to that accorded to religious and spiritual ideas.

I was brought up partly in Germany, partly in France. Ever since my early childhood I felt instinctively that there was a different atmosphere between France and Germany which I was unable to describe.

I read Luther's writings: Luther's writings are something unbelievable. Over sixty enormous volumes have so far appeared in the latest edition, which is by no means complete as yet. He wrote partly in German, partly in Latin; and to read his works is anything but an easy task.

Legends on the jersey devil essay

I think it would take a lifetime of concentrated work on the part of an outstanding scholar to read everything that Luther has written. His letters alone number well over three thousand. I began to read biographies and commentaries on Luther. This is perhaps an even more difficult task than the reading of Luther's own works, inasmuch as for over four centuries scholars, politicians, biographers, religious leaders, and students have found something to say about the reformer.

A whole big catalogue in the Library of the British Museum is filled with nothing but the titles of writings on Luther.The Jersey Devil legend has grown and changed radically over the years, as residents of New Jersey and Pennsylvania report new sightings.

The Jersey Devil is said to inhabit the Pine Barrens of southern New Jersey.

Labaree, Mary Schauffler

This page not only lists all the federally recognized tribes of Native Americans, but also has links from those tribes for their official websites, stories and legends, books, photographs and artwork. Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and plombier-nemours.com The story of the Jersey Devil has become layered with myths and variations, obscuring the original events that gave rise to it.

Not surprising considering the story comes from colonial-era political intrigue, Quaker religious infighting, and a future Founding Father.

Ghost Stories Urban Legends - The Ghost of Cloudcroft New Mexico.

Legends on the jersey devil essay

My Account. The Ghost of Cloudcroft New Mexico Essay. The Ghost of Cloudcroft New Mexico Essay Ghost Story of the New Jersey Devil Essay - The New Jersey Devil The urban legend I chose to write about for this assignment is the story of the Jersey Devil.

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