Money cant buy happiness and love essay

Money Can't Buy You Happiness The concept of money being able to buy happiness is another prevalent modernist theme found in the novel, The Great Gatsby. Money is unable to create a sense of fulfilment in any of the characters in the novel. Gatsby moves from North Dakota to Long island and builds his empire in order to fulfill his dream of impressing Daisy and reclaiming their past love.

Money cant buy happiness and love essay

Some claim that money could never buy happiness. What none of these studies have done, however, is to use quantitative analysis to answer this critical question. I want to shed light on this question, by combining my personal financing data with my happiness tracking data.

I will try to find the exact answer to this challenging question by looking purely at my data. Can money buy happiness?

In addition to my personal happiness, I have also been tracking my personal finances! What does that mean? Well, I have kept track of every single penny that I have earned or spend. I started doing this when I landed my first job as an engineer, back in I was already tracking my happiness at the time.

Therefore, I am now able to combine these two personal databases, to show you how my finances have influenced my happiness for the past 3 years! But first, let me briefly walk you through a little background. What's my financial situation? I started my career after the summer of as a 21 year old guy.

As I'm typing the results of this analysis, I'm 24 summers young. My financial situation can therefore be quite different than yours. For example, I have lived in multiple places during this entire time, but I mainly stayed at home with my parents.

I have never consistently paid for a mortgage or rent for longer than a few months, so housing costs are not included in this analysis. Therefore, the results of this analysis might not necessarily be applicable to you.

As I grow older, my personal observations and happiness factors might also shift. Only time will tell. It might be interesting to revise this analysis after another couple of years. I am very conscious with spending my money. Some of my friends call me frugal.

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I wouldn't necessarily disagree with them, since I am actually striving to become financially independent. A person is considered financially independent when a passive income can cover the entirety of your expenses.

This passive income might be produced by investment returns, real estate or a side business. The concept of financial independence is explained in much more detail by Adam over at Minafi.

I believe a great introduction like this can change your life. A lot of people who become financially independent quit their jobs and enjoy a lifestyle free of stress. This financial mindset is not strictly about retiring early or spending the smallest amount of money though.

No, for me it's about discovering and achieving life goals: I don't mind spending a lot of money, as long as I spend it on something I know will bring me value.

Money cant buy happiness and love essay

One of the biggest principles that I've adapted is to not spend money on things that don't make me happy. If I truly live according to this principle, then money should really buy me happiness. I try to spend money only on things that make me happy.

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It has more practice tests. Money cannot buy happiness because the most valuable things in life, such as friendship, love or happy memories, cannot be bought with money, they have to be earned. Just as the Beatles sang: “Money can’t buy me love”.

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