My enemy the plastic whip

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My enemy the plastic whip

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Except, by my count, this jour never seems to end. On one hand, I recognize that the disposable plastic accoutrements of our daily lives are an environmental scourge with little redeeming value except in the case of people who physically require straws to drink and a symbol of our cultural obsession with convenience at all costs.

On the other, full-throated self-congratulatory militancy around the smallest of consumer choices makes me want to go to bed forever. While I abhor a polyethylene wrapper, I also despise anti-plastic sanctimony. Or, at least, I did. Then I learned that the plastic enemy is an unexpected unifier, sort of like White Walkers or carbohydrates.

A plastic bag — or straw, or cup lid, take your pick — has fluttered American Beauty-style onto an unlikely patch of common ground shared by Somalian militants, climate-change-denying Senator James Inhofe, and Vogue magazine.

The fact that each of these entities — each of whom I loathe — is fed up with single-use plastics makes me pause for some soul-searching. At the beginning of this month, the news hit American shores that Al Shabaab had instituted a plastic bag ban across its territories.

Apparently, stray plastic bags are rampant in Somalian brushlands, where they clog the stomachs of indiscriminate Somalian cattle. A terrorist group coming to the same legislative conclusion as a Berkeley City Council meeting!

That, in turn, has been linked to a famine in the country last year. Al Shabaab lost credibility among Somalians after that, Bruton says. Although he does not behead his enemies to the best of my knowledgehe too hates plastic garbage. Because he loves turtles!

Inhofe keeps a painted portrait of a sea turtle in his office, and once helped rescue a turtle who had ingested a plastic bag.

Inhofe is not the only plastic-hating turtle-lover; turtles, as it turns out, play a crucial role in straw awareness. The crescendo of the anti-straw movement first swelled with a viral video of a turtle with a straw in its nose.

Why the turtle love? Schmid says he finds them fascinating, but it took him a little while; the first time one popped up next to him on a surfing excursion, he thought it was a corpse.

To be honest, he also sounds a little bit baffled by the turtle obsession. They try to bite you, and flap their flippers. Me, I fail to relate to congresspeople who spout anti-climate propaganda any more than I do to murderous Islamist militias.

My enemy the plastic whip

I was determined to never throw out an empty plastic bag. I became hyperefficient at reusing every last one of them, expertly compacting both bathroom and kitchen detritus until they formed plastic pillows too stuffed to tie … I was on a personal mission.

I hoard plastic bags and takeout containers and every spare Tupperware. And that actually does matter to me. Even though anti-straw campaigns drive me to head-banging distress, I too am part of the anti-plastic army. In this case, the enemy of my enemies is not, in fact, my friend.

And god willing, I will never write about it again.Oct 07,  · I made Enemy Pie as one station at a big anti-bullying Family Day at my school. It was great!

Hard Ass Whipping Session

We had plastic flies and spiders, the muddy gummy worms you described, itching powder (really baking soda), and small bottles of pig’s drool (egg white), bat urine (pickle juice), stinky dishwater (stinky dishwater), and toad sweat (vinegar with food coloring to make it sort of gray). Online shopping from a great selection at Digital Music Store.

Energy Lyrics: Take a step away from me, I love my enemies / You feel the energy, when you get next to me / I am the man now, I got a plan now, I got some bands now / I got some fans now, I got a.

A video leaked from Libya, showing torture of men kept captive. I got three different videos, but I joined them in one for easier viewing.

The first video shows a single man being tortured with molten plastic. Apr 27,  · Label: EDM Released: Style: Hard Trance Written By, Producer: DJ Gollum (Lars Böge) & Jan-Hendrik Geßner (Plastic Enemy). J. E. B. Stuart Quote: “Believe that you can whip the enemy, and you have won half the battle.” quotefancy “ Believe that you can whip the .

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