Police professionalism and responsibility

Members of the Duvall Police Department are committed to serving our community with professionalism, respect, and compassion. To optimize stewardship of police resources, the department balances sustainability with a firm and quick response to crime, problem solving through community partnerships, and crime prevention. The department is mission-oriented in all of its priorities, activities, and philosophies.

Police professionalism and responsibility

Contact, Command and Control: Area Control Rooms and Service Centres Local police officer resources are the core complement of officers under the direction of Police professionalism and responsibility Local Commander and include community policing, response policing and divisional road policing teams.

Also included in the local resource figures are officers within the divisional Criminal Investigation Department and Public Protection Units. Specialist Crime Division[ edit ] The Specialist Crime Division SCD provides access to national investigative and intelligence resources for matters relating to major crime, organised crime, counter terrorism, intelligence, covert policing and public protection.

Major Investigation Teams[ edit ] Major Investigation Teams MITs are located throughout Scotland and are responsible for leading the investigation of all murder inquiries and large-scale and complex criminal investigations.

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Although each MIT will be responsible for investigating cases within its own area, where required they will be able to be deployed anywhere in the country to respond to need and demand.

The unit also offers a specialist investigative capability. The unit is split into two teams, one focused internally within Police Scotland whilst a second team focuses on other publicly funded organisations. They provide a national investigative capacity and a case review function.

The unit also develops and supports policy, procedure, planning, research, technology development, advice and communication between Police Scotland and the Scottish Prison Service. The DATF has national responsibility for pro-actively addressing domestic abuse.

Its divisional equivalents are the Domestic Abuse Investigation Units. This unit's primary function is to act upon specific geographical intelligence relating to spikes in crime trends particularly involving violence, alcohol, antisocial behaviour or other high volume crimeand carrying out taskings in the form of high visibility patrols and public reassurance.

There are roughly road policing officers in Scotland, Chief Superintendent Stewart Carle is currently the head of roads policing. Unlike many other forces, there is no dedicated Collision Investigation.

Instead investigating serious and fatal RTCs lies with specially trained officers who carry out the role beside their core road patrol functions. Operational Support Unit[ edit ] Six operational support units OSUs have been established to provide specially skilled officers trained in over ground search, public order and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear CBRN response.

When not used in their specialist roles OSU officers are deployed in local communities focusing on issues as directed by demand. Prior to the inception of Police Scotland, the routine tasking and visibility of ARV officers varied widely across Scotland with deployment models varying for matters such as if officers carried side arms with a standing authority or if they were secured in the vehicles.


The operational functions and cover of the ARV's also varied including if they could be tasked for routine incidents and one legacy force did not have a regular ARV patrol. A helicopter crew consists of one civilian pilot and two police officer observers. The Air Support Unit was inherited from Strathclyde Policethe only police force in Scotland to possess such a unit at amalgamation in April The aircraft was not fitted with a "Snow Deflector Kit" and suffered from choking of the engine air intake, resulting in the engine failing.

Police professionalism and responsibility

The aircraft hit a five-story building while attempting to land and crashed to the ground, causing the death of year-old police observer Sergeant Malcolm Herd.

The remaining three crew two police officers and one pilot survived the accident. Accident investigators were unable to confirm a definitive cause for the accident, but issued two recommendations to improve safety. This was removed from service with the formation of NPAS, due to budget cuts.

The aircraft continues to be leased from Babcock, who also still provide pilots, maintenance and support. Marine and Underwater Unit[ edit ] Two full-time units skilled in both underwater search and marine capability are based in Greenock 1 Sergeant and 11 Constables and Aberdeen dive supervisor and four Constables.

A number of non-dedicated divers are retained across the country to provide additional support.Wilson Police Department Announces Crime Rate Decrease. Wilson Police Chief Thomas Hopkins reports a crime rate decrease, citing the benefits of the department's community policing efforts.

Police Scotland uses the same rank structure and insignia as other police forces in the United Kingdom. The ranks of Constable, Sergeant and Inspector can be prefixed with the term "Police", which leads to the abbreviations of "PC", and, more rarely, "PS" and "PI".

The responsibility of the Liberty Lake Police Department, with an emphasis on fairness, respect, empathy, dignity, and professionalism, is to. Austin Peay State University Campus Police Our Mission: The Mission of Austin Peay State University Police Department is to efficiently provide quality police and customer service.

The Honolulu Police Department (HPD) was established in The city of Honolulu is located on the island of Oahu and is also the capitol city of the state of Hawaii. The Shelton Police Department is entrusted with the responsibility of enforcing all State and local laws within Shelton.

The 52 sworn Police Officers and 21 civilian members of the Shelton Police Department are dedicated to the mission of the Department - to enhance the quality of life in Shelton by providing Police services in a professional manner to the more than 70, people that live or.

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