Read write and think biocube fish tank

Palytoxin poisoning in the eye I am writing this to stress the importance to everyone new and old reefers alike NEVER forget to wash your hands after handling anything in your tank

Read write and think biocube fish tank

Heater 50 Total Then add in hydrometer, salt mix, thermometer, test kits, PH buffer, and anything else I am forgetting, and I think it is pretty close to accurate.

I would HIGHLY recommend the poster to move up to a 40 gallon tank and buy a quality protein skimmer; a skimmer is the best piece of insurence you can buy. Intense study before hand will enable the poster to avoid common mistakes.

If he or anyone, for that matter wants a reading list, PM me. The marine hobby is highly rewarding, but the learning curve is much steeper than freshwater. Dave salman I thought people were exaggerating with the prices.

But when i went there the fish were 20x more expensive.

read write and think biocube fish tank

Oh and a small piece of liverock costs 30 dollars? Not to mention the filter and all the tank accessories. So i decided to get another FW tank. I would start with a basic intro book like 'The Complete Idiot's Guide to Saltwater Aquariums', then get a profile book like TFH's 'Marine Fishes' that has just a lot of profiles, one for each species.

Then get books that specialize in your tank. If it is under 55 or so get one for nano tanks, if you are going to have clownfish, get a book specifically about clownfish. This way you will have the best foundation for later.

Why buy books when you can look them up on the internet for free? Because you get what you pay for. Sometimes internet advice though very up to date is inaccurate. Goldstein this one is geared more towards corals and their care "Natural Reef Aquariums" by John Tullock Good books to start with.

Even though nanos are nice, and they do have their place in the hobby, I will always recommend you get the biggest tank you can afford. Two reasons; the tank is more stable and you have a larger group of fish you can choose to keep. Small tanks mean things can go downhill quickly and you are very limited on the type and amount of fish that can be kept.

If the inital costs are too high, you can always look in your local paper or on craiglist for people selling their saltwater tanks. Sometimes you can find really good deals. There is always the chance that what you are buying has a problem that the owner is no longer willing to deal with and is passing on to you There is no replacement for good background knowledge.

If you start with a small library of books and get the knowledge from them, then ask questions online, then consult a good LFS you will be much better off than if you ask online and hope that some random person somewhere knows as much as they seem to.Jun 01,  · The six line wrasse is an affordable, easy maintenance fish that has bright colors, and loves to swim and show off in your tank.

[attach][/attach] [attach][/attach]. Best way to KNOW im cycled??? is do i water change to get my nitrates lower or does it not matter until 24ish hours before i add the first couple fish into the tank?

Thanks in advance. Sponsored Links. Posted on I got anchored in on a horrible decision but i think im doind it right.

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My fish are all happy in the 10 gallon with frequent. DIY fish tank decorations Themes Aquascaping, Fresh Water Decor Ideas, Small Aquascaping Homemade, Creative Aquascaping Cool Simple Ideas, Unique Aquascaping Home Made Living Room, Colorful fish tank Tropical, Rustic Aquascaping Cute Aquarium Goldfish, How To Make Cheap AquascapingDIY fish tank decorations Themes Aquascaping, Fresh Water Decor.

Coralife Fish Tank LED BioCube Aquarium Starter Kits, Size Manufacturer Video. Customer Review: Really nice tank. As a stock tank I think it will work fine too for most people. The lighting system is what you mainly paying for it and a nice tank overall its a good deal.

But, once I took a minute to read the instructions, it Reviews: However, store bought CO2 systems can cost upwards of $ A simpler way is to make it your self. Read the article below to find out how. Most of the time its mainly the planted tanks that get highlighted in journals and write-ups.

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but the humble tank cabinet rarely gets much. "DIY fish tank decorations Themes Aquascaping, Fresh Water. Aug 27,  · I introduced a tang to my established tank with no signs of ich and within 2 weeks all my fish had died of ich, some from secondary infections after treatment I think.

I left my tank fallow for 8 weeks (which was really hard to do). I began restocking and didnt have any ich issues for months. : Coralife Fish Tank LED BioCube Aquarium Starter Kits, Size 16 : Pet Supplies