The chilean miners

The miners survived longer than anyone else trapped underground in recorded history. As their situation grew more desperate over the next 17 days, the miners, uncertain if anyone would find them, considered suicide and cannibalism.

The chilean miners

The chilean miners

People saw the pictures of the rescue and they thought our hell was over Mario Sepulveda Five years and three months after they emerged from their subterranean prison there are simply degrees of bad. All are as poor as they were before. Some are back working in mines.

The chilean miners

Some have tried other ways to make a living and failed. Some have succumbed to alcoholism or drug addiction. Many are on anti-depressants and suffer nightmares and flashbacks. Even Mario Sepulveda, their charismatic leader who was nicknamed Super Mario for his irrepressibly positive attitude, has battled suicidal feelings.

We were on show. All they had to sustain them were a few tins of tuna and some biscuits. They were not even sure that anyone was looking for them. On the surface, rescuers began drilling holes into the mountain to try to locate the miners.

After 17 days they found a note tied to a drilling tool. Ariel Ticona watched a video of his daughter being born. Jose Henriquez, a miner for 33 years, requested 33 Bibles and led prayer sessions. After 69 days, the longest period recorded for humans underground, the rescue capsule was ready.

Finding jobs has proved difficult. Other mine companies fear that hiring any of the famous 33 draws unwelcome attention to potential problems in their own operations. Psychologists have not helped him.

I prefer to forget. Jorge Galleguillo tops his up with tips from the tourists he guides around the site. Nightmares still wake him up at 4am. Chilean miners trapped underground till Christmas Fri, August 27, 1 of 14 One of the trapped miners in the underground chamber shaking his fist.

The decision, announced innot to prosecute anyone over the disaster was a bitter blow. For a time he was in demand as a motivational speaker. When he met Banderas who plays him he begged for a job as an extra.

The film has divided the miners further. Only four went to the premiere in Los Angeles. Super Mario was not among them.First look review The 33 review – solidly made but cumbersome chronicle of Chilean miners' miraculous rescue 3 out of 5 stars.

Jul 08,  · Updated: Oct. 12, On Oct. 13, , 33 miners who had been trapped underground for more than two months all returned to the surface after a successful rescue operation that inspired Chile.

By definition, leaders don’t exist without followers. At the San José mine, followers were in abundance.

Chile’s tightly knit mining community sent many experts and tons of equipment to the accident site. First look review The 33 review – solidly made but cumbersome chronicle of Chilean miners' miraculous rescue 3 out of 5 stars. Jan 30,  · Watch video · The the 33 miners trapped in the San Jose mine in Copiapo, km north of Santiago, Chile The extraordinary ordeal of the 33 began on August 5, , when the year-old San José gold and copper mine collapsed under a rock the size of the Empire State Anna Pukas.

The miners’ ordeal began on August 5, , when the San Jose gold and copper mine where they were working, some miles north of the Chilean capital city of Santiago, collapsed. The 33 men moved to an underground emergency shelter area, where they discovered just several days’ worth of food rations.

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