The happy slapping craze is now essay

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The happy slapping craze is now essay

Yes, it should be allowed for the case of emergency. It should be allowed to use cell phones in schools as if there is any emergency case parents can easily inform their children.

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It should not be allowed to use during lectures but during break it should be allowed. And it also helps after school time as if the children have any transport problem they can inform their parents.

Other than this if they have to stay at school after the school time is over for any type of preparation they can inform their parents. Emergencies can occur during classes. What is a school child supposed to do in emergencies?

Mobile phone use as a subject in school as computer is there. In today's world there is a lot of progress in the tecnology about the mobile phones. AS the computer's, now mobile's retated sholud be also taught to the students and should made thm aware about its bad and good effects.

There could be emergencys and it's their own choice. I think students should have the right of bringing a cellphone to school because its theirs.

Therefore cellphones should be allowed. For perents to get a hold of the child If something has happen or if they want to rearrange to be met somewhere else No because Cell phone helps communication goes on well, we have to thoroughly see what it is meant by not allowing.

If not allow mean no cell phone at all within school circumstance, i would like to say big no. As it is stated "mobile Phone", students will bring it wherever they are such as, in the toilet, library, cafe, or even class. It grows the mobility and flexibility between parents and their children.

Why mobility and flexibility are so important? In case their parents are sick, or someone important for them is dead, or most cases, the students needs their parents help to bring something important that they forget, mobile phone is the first help to access, unless there is no even an account in their cell phone.

Even if there may be a phone center in any school, yet it is still not as flexible as mobile phone. If the case is about class disturbance, it does not mean that we have to completely ban them.

For example, during the class the teacher shall ask student to put their cell phone in front of the class, or near the teacher.

Then, student will have no chance to make use it wrongly that may disturb the class session. So overall, cell phone helps student to shorten the range between their parents. Parents can still control them. Parents still have their capability to inform anything important.

Yes, to some degree I think that iPod's should not be allowed in school to some degree because it gets distracting at times, and people can be playing games and be on the internet instead of listening to the teacher and learning at school.

There is a purpose to school, and if you decide to just sit there and play games all day then you will not learn anything, and your grades might start dropping. I think that people should be allowed to be using their iPod's and electronic devices when it is recess time because that is the time when you are free to do anything you want.

I think that any other time during school hours is not ok, because if a person is talking and you are sitting in your seat with your iPod, then you might get it taken away, but it is also being disrespectful to the person that is talking, because you are not giving them your attention and being a respectful listener.

I think you are wrong. You could download a program that allows you to block websites. If you have them in your school you can auto matically deny any games or webistes.

That they should not be be on. You are not being disrecpetful.

The happy slapping craze is now essay

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