The pigeon finds a hot dog writing activities

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The pigeon finds a hot dog writing activities

Ross and his wife, Myra, run the most wonderful organization just north of New York City which is a farm school for children with learning and behavioral disabilities who come mostly from the inner cities. They have a really large staff and about acres on the farm that I visited plus other homes for adults.

Marnie had originally planned to come with me but at the last minute could not make it. I began by working with about seventy children between the ages of seven and sixteen with their teachers out on the lawn. I first worked with a fifteen year old Scotty dog of Dr. He looks almost as though someone winds him up in the morning and he stiffly goes on his rounds of inspection of all the children.

I worked on his ears and did little python lifts on his legs which are quite stiff and arthritic and showed the children how they could gently the pigeon finds a hot dog writing activities on him.

Later I saw three of the children sitting very quietly with him doing tiny Raccoon circles all over his little body.

the pigeon finds a hot dog writing activities

I also worked on their miniature pony foal up on a picnic table and asked if there were any volunteers among the children who would like to experience the various TTouches as I used them on the animals.

We had a number of brave boys and girls who volunteered. Then we brought out two of the horses so that about ten children at a time could come up and practice the Clouded Leopard and Lick of the Cow's Tongue touches.

the pigeon finds a hot dog writing activities

Of course there were several breaks during the morning period because I kept sessions short but we finished the morning by having the children in small groups with their teachers in a circle practicing the Tarantula's Pulling the Plow and the Lick of the Cow's Tongue on each other.

At lunch time in the community dining room a nine year old boy came dashing up to me and without a word reached out with a big smile on his face and did a quick circle on my arm and dashed off.

In the afternoon I worked with Dr. Ross' favorite horse who was the terror of the therapeutic riding program. He is a very strong bodied and strong minded Haflinger who had the unpleasant habit of simply taking his head away from the volunteer and marching off in the direction that interested him.

He was not exactly cooperative in the riding program. I demonstrated the Elegant Elephant and some of the other ground exercises with him and then later rode him in the balance rein. He was completely different. The next day several of the children came to me and told me how proud they were that they had been able to lead him with the wand and chain without him dragging them around and he seemed very cooperative and happy.

Several Vietnamese pot bellied pigs reside at Green Chimneys. Due to lack of time they had not been handled and consistently squealed and screamed when approached to be moved from place to place. By working them with the wands from about a three foot distance I was able to quiet them and keep a contact.

I am looking forward to hearing how their instructors manage to carry on with the pigs. Another highlight of my visit was working with three young nine year old boys with a Scotch Highland yearling heifer, who is supposed to be show able but couldn't be led.

She was described by the boys as being mean and wild. I first observed them working with her and then showed them how to quietly do the circles on her head and her horns and up and down her legs. When we went to lead her which I was told was impossible, I discovered that the calf halter they had on her was really uncomfortable.

They had a chain under her chin and when she would pull it would hurt her and the halter would twist around and dig into her. I tied the halter under the chin with some twine and put the chain over the nose as we usually do with the horse and attached a second rope on the other side.

Between the wands and the Homing Pigeon position we were able to lead her in and out several times without difficulty. The boys were really pleased and empowered by their success and by the fact that the heifer was no longer afraid.

I love the picture of the one little boy stroking her legs with the two wands.Animal Ambassadors International ®. The concept of Animal Ambassadors International® has been realized in a variety of forms.

The following articles tell about Tellington TTouch in schools and with youth programs and of the early days of Animal Ambassadors International® and more.

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