To what extent should the state

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To what extent should the state

What is the difference between Nation and State? Ordinarily, no distinction is made between nation and state. But in reality there is a great difference between the two terms.

Slate is a product of four elements—population, territory, government and sovereignty. So long as these factors are existent in one form or another, there is a state. A state may lack the feeling of oneness among its people and yet remain a state. Austria- Hungary was a single state before World War I, although there was no sense any spiritual unity among her people.

In fact, she was a state paving two distinct nations—Austria and Hungary within its fold. The basis of the two concepts is different. The term nation emphasizes the consciousness of unity due to psychological or spiritual feelings.

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The state emphasizes political unity. In the words of Prof. England, Germany Italy, etc. Most of the political thinkers equate nation with a state, that is to say the idea of "one nation, one state" is getting prevalent.

To what extent should the state

Statehood is being identified with nationhood. The states should not have within its bounds people sharing different national sentiments.

Plato’s Ideal State

All nationalities and national minorities should have a right to establish separate slates for them. This right is known as the right of self-determination.Should government be involved in the lives of the people?

55% Say Yes 45% Say No Yes gov should not. Yes. The people ARE the government. I have never understood the anti-government sentiment that exists in some democratic nations.

Again I highly suggest get educated know the buisness of your federal state and government and what there . The constitutional perspective on equality—namely, equal rights and freedom under a rule of law—has been eroded as the redistributive state has grown.

Equality has come to mean equal outcomes and “equal opportunity,” in the sense of equal starting positions, rather than equal rights under a just rule of law. 1. Some vital aspects of governance, such as managing and growing the national reserves through sovereign wealth funds, should .

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What is the difference between Nation and State?